Annual Family Christmas Dinner

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By Ema ~ I am so grateful for my dear Aunt Debi, as every year that I am in Michigan she invites me to her family dinner in Frankenmuth with her kids, my cousins that I grew up with. Last year was the first year I had a little one to bring along when my brother Elijah joined us, and this year I was so excited to share the experience with Elle. We got her a new dress with a fancy jaket for the occasion. Our cousin Sadie and her have made plans to have a gift exchange and Elle prepared a stocking for her with stars on it, a fairy wreath she made and lots of goodies inside, mostly cosmos related. Our cousin loves to study the stars.

Every year we choose between two restaurants and this year we got told the wrong one, but while we waited to meet the family we found Santa and Mrs. Claus. I think this may be the last year I can convince Elle to sit with Santa, but she knows I am a sentimentalist and obliged me.

We finally realized we were in the wrong place when I checked in on the reservation and found that our family was across the street at the other restaurant. We headed across the street and found our family. There is always a bit of a wait to be seated this time of year even with reservations, so we gathered with the family for drinks in the hall to begin. Elle gave Sadie her gift, but had to wait for hers as it is still in her Dad’s car.

While we waited Aunt Debi surprised the kids with litte gift bags. The have scrapbook stuff which will be great for when Elle and I work on our memory books and some fun stuff like 3D glasses. My Aunt even gifted me with a glass hummingbird. I am usually the one who brings gifts, so I felt odd not having any in my hands to give also, but it was so lovely to be thought of.

Once we were seated, it was in a private room. I think this may be the first year of such, but it was really nice, as we could actually hear all the family at the table rather than being in a large dining room with tons of noise. My table partner was little Lucy with her mama, my cousin Lindsey, on the other side of her, and Elle and Sadie to my other side.

Santa came through for a visit, and as tradition goes in the land of Bavaria, the men got their tall beers.

Sadie opened her present from Elle. She seemed delighted with our cosmos theme.

Seems while I was playing with little Lucy the girls had fun with my camera making faces. I had to share a few.

Lucy and I even made a friends handshake of hearts and kisses. She is such a sweet one.

For dessert we had a few choices of ice cream including orange cream, chocolate, vanilla,or for the vegan option an apple sorbet. I of course had the vegan option due to my sensitive belly. It was quite yummy.

Since we were in a closed private room with no windows it got a little hot and our cousin Tony decided to relax a little.

After dinner we met up with the family in the village so the girls could finish their gift exchange, and to wander the shops. Unfortunately most of them were already closed. Sadie gifted Elle some mermaid pajamas and a set of three mermaid necklaces, for her to keep one and share two.

Before we parted we met at the cars with Quinn our little cousin whom I have sent postcards to from Paris, as he loves the Eiffel Tower. He was so sweet and very unexpectedly gifted me a lovely mermaid bracelet that he got me awhile ago. It truly touched my heart that he remembered me, and thought of me in return. Elle decided to gift me one of her necklaces for Sadie and to save one to gift her back the next time we see her.

Thank you to my dear Aunt for including us once again in your annual family Christmas dinner. I hope you know how very much you mean to me and how greatly I appreciate that you think of me and include me as part of your branch of the family. I do so love you!

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