Visiting Our Brother

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By Ema ~ Elle and I made the hour trip down state to see our Brother Michael. He is giving our nephew a base guitar and so we have delivered an amp for him from Thomas. He also made a nice dinner for Elle, but with my belly lately I opted not to eat. It was so nice to visit him and my soon to be sister-in-law Amanda, it is not often enough. Our brother put Disney+ on my Ipad so that Elle can watch movies while we travel. She dove right in, as I am often a bit strict about screen time. I feel there is so much to discover and create in this life we must choose to use our time wisely and create our own adventures rather than spending our lives watching others. It is nice to have access to some classics though and Elle was excited to watch The Sound of Music. Elle has not known Michael much as he was out of the home and across the country by the time she was adopted. I am grateful to bring our sibling together. We need to know we have one another in life. It is such a precious gift, siblings.

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