Christmas Cookies With Mom

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By Ema ~ We made our way north today to meet with our mom for some lunch and making cookies. Elle has been a bit nervous about going up again as our mother keeps speaking of her returning there more long term, and she is not real comfortable with that idea right now, due to some stresses in the family. I told her we would just keep a positive focus and go and enjoy the day for what it is, time to have fun and make Christmas cookies. When we got to the restaurant for lunch she was very excited to find a Buddha greeting her at the door. We have eaten here many times before, but not since this summer and she has learned so much about Buddhism. She actually had her little Buddha with her that she was gifted in Hawaii and was proud to make the link in her understanding now.

Back at our moms home we got in the spirit of the holiday and started making cookies. I was tending the oven while Mom, Elle, and friends rolled and cut the dough.

We had so much fun decorating cookies. I love having family around and creating traditions such as these. Elle choose to eat mom’s donut cookie first, but not before a picture.

We are saving a tree mom made too, to add to our gingerbread village. I also made a couple trees for our planned barn scene, and Elle made a cookie that I think will look great on the barn. I also created a Michigan mitten to leave for Santa on Christmas eve.

Elle made all sorts of fun cookies, including getting creative and turning a sleigh into a butterfly.

I was stuck on creating a gold, silver, and pearl themed platter of cookies.

Lili was along for the adventure too and enjoyed time with all the kids.

Back home we got our jammies on and I made an exception that Elle could have a last treat before bed. Trust me, I would not usually do sugar at night, or much in general, but it is a unique day and part of the season. So Elle was excited and chose to eat her butterfly!

Soon it was time to get tucked in for bed. Elle was sure to tuck in all her babies she collected in our travels this summer too, including our Shore Buddies Seagull! She is so sweet and makes me laugh. I do so love her!

Good night world!

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