The Planetarium & The Country Club

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By Ema ~ We met up with our Aunt and Cousin for an outing to the Flint Planetarium for the Year in review and then to see our Uncle play live music after at the Davison Country Club. Elle got to try space food for the first time when we arrived to the Planetarium and shared with her cousin Sadie.

It is always so cool to enter into the theater, as it is like walking through the universe and seeing the stars come to life.

The presentation about the advancement in our understanding and accomplishments about space this year were very interesting. Including we learned that the first women space walk happened this year.

We of course had to take a space walk of our own as part of our tie there. Well at least in our imaginations.

After the planetarium we went to see our Uncle play music. The girls feasted, then went to play in the country club with the other kids. I so enjoyed getting to dance a moment.

Our cousin Seth, Sadie’s dad, was also there playing a tournament at the country club tonight and his team won! It was so nice to see my cousin a moment and sit and talk. We were quite close when we were little, but since we have grown up it is not often we get time to connect. It has been nice having the girls together and more reasons to see my family.

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