My Trip to the Museum

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By Elowyn Soleil ~

Museum days are fun. My museum day yesterday was more fun than expected. It started by walking up to the building. Ema, Sadie, and I all decked out in our school girl uniforms.

We walked in and the first thing I saw was a lot of kids. A woman with a paper bag turkey came and showed us all the museum rules and told us about some of the activities going on.  The first place we went was a sand box with a map projecting on the sand and putting your hand over the island would make it rain. We didn’t stay long because the box was crowded so we went to the activity were you had to put the metal loop around a metal bar that was all bendy Sadie and I each did it and it was quite fun.

Then we went in the red room. They were serving little cornucopia but edible they were made from ice cream cones, yogurt, sprinkles, and chopped up fruit. When they were making mine I sad “yes please” without realizing it (because I always do it hat). They were so impressed they gave me an extra piece of fruit of my choice. I chose raspberry.

After we ate we looked around the museum for a bit. There was a lot, the first thing we came across was these cool mirrors that made us look much shorter. Sadie had the Polaroid and took a picture.

Then we went in the shadow copy room. For this room you lean on the wall click a button and it captures your shadow. Sadie took another picture and we moved on.

I asked Sadie if I could use the camera now because I hadn’t yet but she wouldn’t let me.

We kept looking and rode in carriages but not really a ride because it didn’t move it was just for pictures.

Sadie was going through the film super fast and ofcorse took another picture. We kept going and looked around some more, we found a dinosaur that I climbed on Sadie tried taking another picture but ran out of film.

We then decided we wanted to do the craft. We looked around and finally went in the blue room thinking it may be there but it wasn’t. There was animal yoga so we did that there was a at and a dog Sadie named the cat rose and just as I was about to say the dogs name Sadie said the dog would be Violet. We did the yoga and at the end there was a tube we had to go though to get back home. I went through but Sadie skipped it. After that we said goodbye and headed on.

We finally found the art room. We started on our turkeys and got pretty far when there was an announcement that the gift shop would be closing in 15 minutes. We got everything and asked for 8 extra turkeys to do at home along with ours.

We headed to the gift shop which didnt really have anything special. So we just got snacks for the road. Then we all went back to the red room and asked for another snack. They were packing up but let us have another. We sat to eat our cornucopia and headed to leave when they gave us a cone. They had 2 extra so we just got one each.

We all headed to the door when the lady at the desk said “your not suppose to take food out of the red room” so we explained we were leaving now. Ema was grabbing papers I felt Sadie was kind of rushing her telling her to go and that was enough. Then we left my museum experience was quite good and very fun. We didn’t do everything but we did all we could.

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