Cousins And Crafts

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By Ema ~ Our Aunt brought us some homemade lentil soup yesterday, so for lunch I heated that up and I made some rice and cut up some bell peppers to go with it. Bell peppers are one of Elle’s favorite veggies.

We had done crafts yesterday when several of the cousins were here to visit, and the girls continued on crafting today. We are making decorations for Christmas. For dinner they had veggie corn dogs and fries. Not the most nourishing meal, but it is fun for them, and I figure they had a healthy lunch, right.

It is so sweet to have both of these girl here and together. Sadie has asked if she can move in too. Unfortunately I just don’t have enough rooms.

There were up to lots of silliness this day with Elle in her crown and Sadie in a hat. I am definitely entertained… lol

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