Day 2 . Awaking to Hawaii

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Daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I awoke to the beautiful blue of the skies and ocean greeting me, framed by all the lush green this first day on the island. Elle was sound asleep still and I let her rest after our long journey yesterday.

Once she was up we started our morning practicing our ukuleles until Jonathan, my goddaughters father, arrived so we could get the car working. Seems whomever used it last left the lights on and the battery was totally dead. I needed to be able to get us into town for some groceries, so that was priority for the day. Thankfully Jonathan had gifted us a mango and Elle harvested a papaya from the tree, so we had a perfect breakfast to start our day. I had also picked up a few vitamin C packets for us to drink to boost our immune systems after flying.

The nursery company that cares for the land here came to tend and helped us open some coconuts that we harvested from the tree. Elle scooped out and cleaned the meat of the coconut while I filtered the water. I could not find a small strainer so opted for a cotton cloth over a jar. It worked perfect. We are set for our smoothies now and I drank some of the water to help keep hydrating me. I had a headache all day and think it was because I was am slightly dehydrated. This always happens after flying. For lunch Elle harvest some guava from the tree and we had that with some rice crackers and goats cheese.

After the land crew parted we got ready to go in Hawi Town and went to the natural food store to get a few things. I was excited to see breadfruit and large avocados. Not the huge ones you can find here, but a good size compared to the mainland. We also got a veggie Thai rice wrap for lunch tomorrow and some island made coconut milk ice cream. I had wished for lilikoi, but they were out so we got my next favorite flavor ube (sweet purple potato) and cardamom. While there we had to enjoy a smoothie that I got addicted to on my last stay on the island. It is called Pele’s Dragon and has dragon fruit, coconut water and meat (coconut milk), and banana, plus I always add lilikoi. It is soooooo good! I forgot to tell them we have our own straw, but it was okay because they use paper straws here. Definitely better than plastic. I always feel so guilty when I accidentally get plastic straws. For dinner that night I cooked up some marlin that I got at the shop we stopped at yesterday and we had a little seaweed salad. Seaweed is great for removing radiation from the body and from what I have heard you get exposed to quite a bit flying, so I always try to eat seaweed after a flight.

We had planned to have this for dinner last night, but were both so tired that we actually skipped dinner. I had been willing to cook, but Elle did not want to eat and I was okay, so we saved it for tonight. We have a citrus tree on the property that is a Portuguese lime, but it is orange and very little. It’s a bit tart to eat, but great for in a glass of water and is high in vitamin C, so we had that with our meal to keep focusing on cleansing and boosting our immune systems after the travel. Elle went to bed with her journal and it was not long before I found her curled up asleep with it. I tucked her in and had my evening sit with the kitty before bed. 

By Elle ~ Today I woke up after ema did when I came out she was sitting on the porch looking at the skies and the beautiful ocean. This was my first view of the house and because of that, sissy gave me a tour of the house and showed me around. This morning for breakfast we had mango which Johnathan gave to us, vitamin c packets, and harvested papaya. We played our ukuleles after breakfast . We played until Jonathan came to start the car, the car was dead because the door was left open, this meant the lights were on, which drained the car battery. After that was dealt with Jonathan left and we went back to playing. We played until one of the workers came up to us and asked if there was anything else they could do, we asked them if they had a mechedey so we could cut our coconut, they  said they did and went to get it. When they came back they started to cut it open I asked if I could have a piece of the out side of the coconut one of the guys broke off a piece of the outside but it was messy looking I thanked him took it and didn’t end up keeping it when they finished and finally left sissy got all the dirt out of the coconut water and I got out the meat of the coconut and put it in the jar. When finished we put them both in jars and set them in the fridge. For lunch we had rice crackers and goats cheese even with some guava straight from the tree. The goats cheese made me slightly nasiated which is odd because usually love goats cheese so I mainly just had crackers but it was still yummy and enjoyable, all but the goats cheese.  Once we finished we headed to the natural food store there was a little shop by the natural food store that I really wanted to go into but we didn’t because we had ice cream and it would have melted. We went into the natural food store and I saw this board game about pele and her volcanos. I liked this store it was small but cute and filled with many unique things there was a section full of fruit and I was poking the bread fruit but ema put a end to that and fast. We got some fruit and this yummy smoothie with dragon fruit coconut milk and banana plus ema adds lilikoi to it but its super yummy and deli- ocous then we went to takata another grocery store and got a few things when we got home I was so tired and I don’t remember eating but we did. I journaled and soon fell into a deep sleep.

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