Day 10 . Keystone, SD & Arriving Montana

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ I woke up today to the sound of a helicopter going over the van. The town of Keystone had come alive and the tours \that took people around the monument landed and took off from the cliff across the street from us about every half hour. Felt tired today and did not rush to get going. Not to mention I was not really sure which way we were heading on our route. Elle played in the creek and caught all sorts of little creatures, and found some beautiful rocks and crystals. This girl has luck when it comes to finding crystals. She also did some painting and caught up on her journal.

We had a meal to fill our bellies at the Indian restaurant that happened to be just across the lot from us. We shared a bowl of basmati rice, lentil soup which we put on our rice for flavor and a samosa each. I had also ordered a mango lassi as it helps to cool spices and allow you to re-experience the flavor as you eat. The potions of the rice and all were perfect for the two of us, but when the $5.00 lassi arrived in a Dixie cup I was a bit stunned. I asked if this was due to being a tourist town and the waiter nodded yes. He was actually kind enough to arrive with a second Dixie cup of lassi for Elle as a gift.

After eating we drove back into Rapid City to restock some food, as much of our cooler had gone bad from the lack of power to keep all fresh the past few days. We also stopped through to a natural food store. I love to check them out as I travel and see what they each offer. A storm had rolled in and as I sat looking at the route, I decided I had to go to Bozeman even through it is looking like much of the Pacific Northwest will need to be cut from this trip. My body is feeling the ten days driving and the hot springs shall be a relief and restoration I am hoping for. I am excited to take Elle to the Bozeman Hot Springs, as I used to go there with our mama when I was a little girl.

Returning to Montana is also so nostalgic for me. Even the scent of the earth and air is soothing to my soul. The Sage growing everywhere fills the senses, and the sky seems to go on forever. I had to keep stopping while driving to admire the sunset. The colors started well before the sun was to the horizon and lasted far after she has set. I found myself falling in love with Montana all over again. Into the night I drove and continued to breathe deep the fresh scent of sage which filled my mind with memories of the many times before that I have wandered this land. There were lots of deer, antelope, horses and cows along the road. At one point I had to hit my breaks as a deer was standing right in the middle of my lane. Thankfully when he looked up and saw me he pranced back into the woods. I stopped about an hour before we are to reach Billings and about three hours from Bozeman. Elle was sleepy, until we stopped, and I was feeling the need to pause for the night. She read her Little House in the Big Woods book in hopes to get sleepy again. Hopefully it has helped as it is half past 2am. She has turned off the lights, so I hope she has found her dreams. It is chilly here this evening. I am wrapped in my blanket while I sit outside the van writing my journal. I too shall go to my dreams soon.

By Elle ~ Today I woke up and we got ready there was a cool antique shop around were we slept and they had the coolest elevator. It was really old and antique. I liked it because I had not ever seen an old elevator like that. After getting ready there was a cool river that was nearby so I caught fish. There were just minnows. After that I was going to journal but ended up painting rocks, but I needed rocks to paint so I went and ended up getting a bunch of crystals. Eventually we had to leave, but not before we went to an Indian restaurant. After that we went to a natural food store. We did some driving and we crossed into Wyoming and Montana. Soon found a rest stop and I watched a Winter the dolphin documentary and read my Laura Ingles book and went to sleep.

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