Day 5 . Minnesota Farmland

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Road trip across America… daily reflections by Ema and Elle.

By Ema ~ Well we did not make it to Mount Rushmore today as planned. The day began rather simple after a good rest. First thing in the morning Elle was off to play on the playground of the rest stop we had stayed at.

After a bit of breakfast we loaded up and began heading west through the farmland of Minnesota.

When we stopped for gas we found at Blue Earth lived the Jolly Green Giant, and took the road just five miles off the freeway to see him standing 55 feet tall.

We found a few little sprouts along the way also.

Elle had a butterfly join her upon our arrival to the Jolly Green Giant Museum, that was named Beatrice by the museum guardian. Her new little friend road along on her shoulder, belly, and even upon her hair through the tour.

At the museum we met a wonderful women who sent us on our way to their local pioneer village. We had got our mom a gift and tried for the post office along the way, but it was closed so we loaded the box back up, that the lady at the museum was kind enough to prepare for us, and figured we would find a post office wherever we were tomorrow.

By the time we arrived at the village the lady from the museum was there setting up her school house. She invited us in and told us to feel free to explore the other building even though they were not technically open until next week. We also explored the local fairgrounds, but found none of the animals had arrived yet. Elle was so hoping to see horses. Next week the local town will host their county fair, we were just a bit too early.

After exploring the village and all, we were off once again towards the South Dakota border. We stopped at the Des Moises River rest stop and Elle found a green ladybug love rock on the way into the building.

We were getting closer to the border and still had not got our state magnet, so decided to try a few truck stops. We were informed by one place to try in Luverne, which was very close to the border and probably the last chance to get it in that state. Unfortunately the shops there did not have them also, but suggested that we try across the street at a place called Those Blasted Things, a quirky tourist shop. They looked closed but had lots of cool sculptures outside so we decided to hop out of the van and get a few pictures before the sunset. There was a giant buffalo that Elle of course climbed.

As we got back to the van we realized I no longer had keys. Thankfully the van was unlocked as we had just hopped out intending to be there a moment and no one else was around. We back traced all our steps, but still no keys. I began meticulously cleaning the van in an attempt that they would appear. In all my travels I have never lost my keys and I was completely perplexed. After about 2 hours of searching I noticed a local boy rollerblading back and forth and decided to explain our situation and ask if he could be a fresh set off eyes for us. He made the rounds and even helped me search the van some. We went to walk our route again with him, but still nothing. As we stood there trying to come up with what to do next, the boy, whom we never did get his name, lost his balance and almost fell catching himself on a wooden pole at the entrance to the shop, and what do you know, his hands landed on the keys. I was so thrilled I hugged him twice, apologizing as I did, as we were after all complete strangers. He wished us well on our journey and went on his way. At that point I was tempted to just sleep there, as I was rather exhausted and it was close to midnight.

I decided to push on for a bit and at least get us across another border. We were lucky enough to find a shop with all the states magnets and even a metal map, which I had not seen before and was tempted to take with us, but one must always consider space when living the van life. We got our Minnesota and South Dakota. At this point, we were both ready for bed so I stopped at the next exit and found the Walmart. This was the first time I have utilized them in my travels, yet I was grateful to have one near by this night. We joined the RV’s in the lot, and Elle was in bed. I needed a moment to just relax after that ordeal, and am sitting under a tree next to our little corner spot looking forward to actually reaching Mount Rushmore tomorrow… well at this hour, later today, and pondering how sometimes life slows you down for a reason and this trip just keeps proving that true. We must just go with the flow, as mermaids do.

By Elle ~ Today we woke up I played at the park for a few and sissy was getting stuff together. We drove through what seemed to be a copy of Michigan. Sissy and I had a conversation about why people don’t change Greenland and Iceland. She said it was probably because they wanted to confuse people. I agreed. As we drove through some of Minnesota filming talking and listening to music sissy said I should get the camera out I was going to in a minute, but I regret not doing it right away because sure enough a few minutes later a giant peanut car drove by. I laughed and called to tell mom as we were driving. We found a town with a jolly green giant standing taller than a house. I was the size of his shoe which was cute for pictures. We lost the keys for a brief minute but found them quickly I ran back to the car was when I found Beatrice the butter fly laying there doing nothing. I was worried and picked her up, that’s when I saw a red liquid stain so I took the butterfly and brought her into the museum where we got some post cards, a plant holder for mom, 2 stickers, and 1 magnet. After that we went back we saw lots of green dudes and learned about them. Then we let Beatrice go and left. After about an hour of driving we were just in need of something besides snacks so we stopped at a grocery store and got a loaf of bread some meat and cheese and made a Samich. My samich was giant, the size of my head, and I ate almost all of it. Then I spilled juice on myself and had a giant stain on my shirt and pants and of course we didn’t have shout so I could not get the stain out and then we went and I soon fell asleep.

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