Fin Fun Ambassador Gift

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By Ema ~ I was so excited to receive my gift package from Fin Fun. I will be getting a tail every month for the next year and this first month we get a new monofin amp and two tails! I always love the boxes their fins come in also.

I am so happy to have a new monofin as my original one is starting to fall apart so I needed an update! Thanks Fin Fun!

The first tail is the salt water taffy. It is as sweet as can be and sparkles in the light. Although it seems to be a little big on me, so I will need to see about exchanging it. I can totally see this tail on the carousel in Paris with an ocean theme near the Hotel de Ville. I hope to take it there and make reflections some day!

The Moon Dive is the second tail and it seems I somehow got a flawed one. Someone knew as the tag was on there, but they did not mean for it to go out. I guess we were all lucky it was to me and not the general public. I have contacted them and am going to visit the shop on the way through Idaho this month and pick up my alternative package, as well get to see the headquarters, and meet all the staff. I am excited and feel the issues were a blessing in disguise. It was a treat though to get a sneak peak of what is to come! I just adore the tones of the moon dive and care barely wait to try it on! Thanks for all Fin Fun! I am looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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