Independence Day Camping

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By Ema ~ We have come up to Lake city to meet with my family and camp for Independence Day. Elle and I began our morning brushing our teeth with our Magic Mud goods and water from my Kleen Kanteen. I gave Elle the new toothbrush that came in my package, as I already have one, and now we both can utilize this great product and promote it as we travel.

We made breakfast and waited out a storm so we could get back to the beach. It has been an odd day. I heard from my bio father but did not get the full message thanks to the reception out here. All I know is that he had something to share with me, but wanted me to rush to town to find out, but once the van is set up and the back is on I cannot drive. By the time I got done cooking, my father had disowned me. I had no idea why or what had happened, but I had mentioned the message to my mom earlier when I saw her and I guess she decided to take it upon herself to find out the news. Mind you these two have not spoke since I was a child. The next thing I knew I was getting harsh texts from my aunt too, my dads sister. My moms campsite is not near mine and it turns out that while I cooked she got into a fight with them both and somehow I am now out of my fathers life. It is very sad as I just found him again this past year after about 30 years apart. I love my mother, but I really wish she would have stayed out of it and I could have found out tomorrow when I went to town. The news was that my cousin had found my missing brother through a DNA test, so they wanted me to get tested too, but I had actually already found my brother on Facebook and was deciding what the best way was to reach out to him. Somehow my Dad thinks I don’t care, but really I care so much I was trying to make sure that when I did approach him he believed me. I know in the past my family had tried, but he did not believe that he was adopted. I guess he knows now because of the test. I decided it was my moment to reach out, even though it was on fb, not at all what I had envisioned. I will have to wait until tomorrow, but I have an idea of what to say and some photos to share with him. Wish me luck. Maybe today I lost one part of my family, but I may have gained another. Does not make it any less sad, especially since I had no control over it and did not even know my mom was doing anything, but I am tired of trying to convince people to love me and see me for who I am. Either they will or they wont. All you can do is be you.

I set up my paint supplies for my siblings as there was another group of ladies hiding rocks and the kids wanted to make some to hide also. The boys came up with a clever name, The Rocking Brothers. Soon my table was full with which seemed to be every kid in the park. I joined in painting too. Art is always a good way to heal a hurting heart.

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