New Window For The Van

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By Ema ~ The van is fixed again and has a new window. the company actually came right to the house and did the work. I am grateful to be able to begin building the set up for our travel once again.

I have been spending my time working on videos for YouTube while I have waited to be able to journey again. I also have more of the route west planned, at least a general idea of how I can imagine the journey to go.

I also have a new topper and am beginning to see how I can organize with the new space. I made an appointment to get the roof racks put on the van this week! A long awaited wish coming true!

My little ones are hot and finding ways to cool themselves. They have also taken over the room I created recently. Sadly for them the bed will go back into the van soon.

The garden has blessed me with some more strawberries. One from the bunch I planted and some wild ones too!

I also got Lili a new rain jacket to attach to her backpack. I love things that are convenient for travel!

All is coming together to get up north to my sister and sooner than later get on the road west!

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