Broken Window And A Delayed Trip

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By Ema ~ I am here at my Mother’s home to get my littlest sister Elle who will be joining me for the cross country trip. My mom’s new friend Joe is here staying with us for a few days also. He is quite a kind soul and I love to see how he interacts with the kids. Elijah, my brother, is happy to have someone around to follow again and do projects together. It has been difficult since our father left this last Christmas. It feels good having all the kids home and a new energy about the place thanks to Joe.

Just when I thought my sister and I were packed up and about ready to go I returned to my van to find the window was missing. I thought at first someone had broke in and immediately checked for my computer and camera, but all was in place. All we can figure is that a rock hit it, as my brother was mowing in the yard right next to it. Joe helped me get it patched up and I was on my way back down state without my sister to figure out getting this replaced.

The saving grace upon this day before I left was that I got to see my sweet niece a moment who is here visiting from Hawaii. This little one holds a dear place in my heart. Before she moved to Hawaii I had a home here in Cadillac for awhile and she lived with me for 8 months. It was such a blessing to care for her then and as she knows Tata (that’s me) loves her, always!

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