Lunch With My Goddaughter Stella And Time With Sunny

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By Ema ~ I picked up my goddaughter today for school and we tried the local fish shop for some of their fish tacos and homemade tortilla chips. It was indeed good and good to see my darling goddaughter again. I had hoped she could have gone on the journey south with us, but she had school, and it was good to have time with just her mama and I as much as she was missed.

Most of my day was spent tending the home and preparing it for the return of the owner. Victoria gave me some flowers from her garden to decorate with and I have been dusting, sweeping, mopping, oiling floors, and even washing windows.

I have been spending lots of time in between cleaning sitting with Sunny today. I am telling her that her mama shall be home soon! I am so looking forward to meeting her. I got this position through my goddaughter, and have not actually met Terry yet.

Sunny brought me a gift tonight. I guess it was her thank you for taking such good care of her. I was a bit surprised but understood the gesture, so I thanked her and explained I was not hungry and really did not need it. Thankfully she understood and carry it off under the house to enjoy for herself.

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