Fruits Of Land And Sea

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By Ema ~ I started my day with a papaya from the tree and finally got to taste my avocado too. It was so creamy and a delight to my taste buds. Hawaii definitely has the best avocados I have found in my travels around this world.

I am a little sin kissed from my beach day yesterday so had a coconut to hydrate and nourish my body. I often drink coconut water, as I deal with dehydration quite a bit, but here having them fresh from the trees not from a box or can is such a treat! Hawaii really is the good life!

I think that sweet Sunny likes that I dwell outside on the lanai so much. She has become quite my little companion. If she is not on my lap she is somewhere nearby.

For dinner I made some mahi-mahi and served it on a tortilla. I guess this is my version of the meal I often get at the Pine Island Beach in Florida. Before that I had never eaten fish with a tortilla. The geckos were out again tonight in full force. I don’t mind them. They are quite entertaining, besides they messes they leave creating the need to constantly clean. I suppose that is all part of living more in tune with nature and therefor I am all good with that. It is worth it!

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