Happy Easter From this Merbunny

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By Ema ~

It was a quiet day here, but I could not help adorning my bunny ears with my tail. Tis the spirit of a mermaid on Easter!

My Mom and siblings were suppose to come and visit, so I got ingredients to make carrot cake muffins from scratch. They had to cancel so I made them anyhow. I have done banana bread in the past but this is my first time making carrot cake. They turned out so good. I made a frosting from organic cream cheese, organic butter, and organic sugar. I frosted them a little soon, so they kind of melted away from the flower look I was attempting. I delivered some to the neighbors since we cannot eat them all ourselves.

Thomas had been spending his time off in the studio, so I went to visit him in my ears and brought him treats too.

I hope you had a Happy Easter!

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