A Love And Water Rock For The Mertailor

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By Ema ~

My first stop today was to the Mertailor Shop to leave behind a #loveandwaterrock

It was a short visit as only Blue was there, so I hung out with him and his bird for awhile before I decided it was time to find some food and get on the road for my drive north. The destination is Michigan. It will take a couple days on my own, but I hope to get to Kentucky tonight.

I seemed to have needed a feast and even got pie. I guess it is fuel for the road. A little girl approached me while I was eating and recognized the Mertailor print on Lili’s scarf. She told me how she models for the Mertailor and was excited to know I was an affiliate too. Lili and I took a few last pictures after we gave her our card and we were soon on our way north.

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