Farewell My Friend As You Return To England

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By Ema ~

I was time to say goodbye to the surf shop and my new dear friend Amy Jo. She is truly a kindred spirit. I am so grateful we found one another that day one the beach and found one another again to sojourn together a moment. I am going to follow her to Miami this morning, where she will drop off her van, and I will drop her at the airport. We had to part early, so I got up and all packed for the journey. I went to hide a #loveandwaterrock, but since Amy Jo missed mine the first day we met, we let her “find” this one and take it back to England.

We made the drive south to Miami and I saw a huge guitar building being built from the freeway.

Once downtown we dropped off Amy Jo’s rental van and made our way to a fresh juice shop for breakfast. I love being in locations where you can find this sort of place.

It was not long before we had to get Amy Jo to the airport. We said bye to her friend she had been traveling with and he went to find his hotel for the night. He does not fly out until tomorrow. It was a rather quick drive there, and I will miss this dear soul. It is such a blessing when you find someone and feel immediately connected like you have known one another all along. It’s a rare gift indeed. Farewell my friend, until we meet again. It is time for me to head north now and see where the sojourn shall go next!

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