Return to CMA and gifting a #loveandwaterrock

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Written and Reflected by Ema ~

My family has begun their return north back to Michigan. It was sad to see see them go, and I know that Elle was not ready to leave. She is a lot like me and prefers the warmth and water. I have a pass to the aquarium and since I am so near I decided to have another little visit before parting the area and leave a #loveandwaterrock behind, which I forgot to do yesterday. I spent some time observing the dolphins. This has always been one of my greatest joys in life. I could spend a lifetime doing just this. There is something so captivating about the way they move and communicate. I was so honored to have a member of the staff from the aquarium approached me and ask me to contact her to share more of my story. I am not really sure what my story is, as my health is something I push through and focus rather on the positive in my life. I wonder what it would be like to share more about my health. I know in the past I have been judged harshly for not being spiritual enough and therefor sick, yet this is something that I have dealt with since I was just a baby, so maybe it is time to figure out my story. I would be ever so honored to be able to work more with this wonderful place.

Lili and I made our way north and watched the sunset at Pine Island Beach not far from my aunts house while we decided where the journey should go next. I have been invited to do a mermaid photo shoot in the Keys, and my cousin that I have not seen in many years is visiting at my aunts, so I am going to go through there to meet her family and stay the night while I decide about making the trip all the way south. It would be a wonderful opportunity. I have to admit the thought of all those bridges is a bit intimidating, but I am going to trust like most fears, it will not actually be bad once I am in the process. I believe it is time to overcome the last hesitation I have about bridges! Time to push through like I do with my pain and illness and live my dreams!

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