Family Trip Day 12 . Indian Rocks Beach

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Written by Ema ~

We have moved south and rented a little suite in an old motel from probably around the 1950’s, but it is clean and in a great location. We are going to stay here a few days so that we can explore more of the Tampa area. There is a beach near by called Indian Rocks Beach, so we got ourselves ready and made our way there. Elle was ready to go with her tail! Elijah disappeared into the waves with his tail as soon as we arrived.

Luke finally tasted the ocean for the first time and was shocked that it was salty. He is definitely a lake boy.

Lili and Mom camped out under the umbrellas we rented for the day. They were actually closing and let us have them anyhow and just told us where to put them when were were done. Very kind and trusting. It is good to still see some of that in today’s world. We shared a chair with a man who had tried to get one but was told it was closed.

I gathered Lili up and decided to wander down the beach. Elle joined us.

Elle is always up for playing in the sand. I think she believes it is glitter, and I suppose it just might be natures form of such. I just love my silly sister!

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