Family Trip Day 8 . Shell Hunting at Dunedin Beach

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Written By Ema ~

We drove south about an hour from where we are staying to shell hunt at Dunedin beach. It is one of the best and sometimes you can even find crystals in the rock at this beach. I was lucky enough to find one the first time I ever visited. Elle was blessed to find one for her first time here too! Elle and I were in bliss to be at the beach again, even if it was a bit chilly and very windy.

Mom seemed to be finding peace standing at the waters edge. There has been much change in our family since the separation of our parents, so this is a very difficult time for her, but hopefully very healing as well.

It was not long before we were in our swimsuits, tails, and shark fins.

After the beach we went a little more south to Tarpon Springs and visited the Sponge Docks for some Greek food. I had spanokopita, my favorite. Opa! We wandered until after dark exploring the area. It was settled by the Greeks and still has lots of shops and restaurants of their culture. I love visiting here, as I have always had a fascination with Greece. My dream is to someday get lost awhile wandering the Greek Isles. We went to a bakery and got some ice cream and Greek desserts before be made our way north again.

We needed to get a few supplies for the house and stopped at a Winn Dixie. We had to take a picture as we have never been in one, but when our sister Xena was little she loved a movie with this name about a dog that was found in a Winn Dixie. Even if you are not with us, we are thinking of you Zeedle Bug!

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